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Yes! You can now receive a rapid COVID-19 test at ALL of our locations across the state. You’ll receive the results of your test during your visit, and can also be tested for seasonal flu or strep throat at the same time, if necessary. In situations where there is a supply shortage, a PCR nasopharyngeal send-out diagnostic test may be used instead of—or in addition to—the rapid test. We have partnerships with many labs for send-out tests, depending on the region.

Please contact the center to inquire about status or watch here for updates.

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Anyone who needs a diagnostic molecular test can obtain one at any of our AppleCare locations, or through a provider consultation via the AppleCare virtual TeleCare platform.

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No, simply look up the closest AppleCare location nearest to you and sign-in through our on-line scheduling tool. This allows for you to come in when it is convenient for you.

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AppleCare currently offers two types of diagnostic tests. We use ID NOW COVID-19 rapid molecular tests by Abbott Diagnostics at all testing sites, which require a simple nasal swab and provide results in about 15 minutes. In situations where there is a supply shortage, a PCR nasopharyngeal send-out diagnostic test may be used instead of—or in addition to—the rapid molecular test. We have partnerships with many labs for send-out tests, depending on the region. Timeframes for receiving results from send-out diagnostic tests will depend on current lab volumes across the state at the time of your test.

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If you come to one of our centers for a COVID-19 rapid molecular test, you will receive your results during your office visit. The test takes about 15 minutes to complete. You may also be given a rapid test for flu or strep throat, and will receive those results during your visit.

Antibody Testing

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esting continues to be a major story—and concern—amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes serological tests to determine if a person has antibodies that can signal immunity to COVID-19. You may have already been exposed to COVID-19 and developed antibodies to fight it off if you are exposed again.

The value in doing this test IS NOT to declare anyone protected from becoming infected with COVID-19. It is unclear if the presence of antibodies protects a person from reinfection by this virus.

The value IS allowing the public health professionals to begin to learn the scope of the virus’s

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All interested persons who have had NO COVID-19 related symptoms for the last 14 days are appropriate candidates for obtaining this test. To protect center staff, please remember to wear either a face mask or some other form of face covering when arriving at the center.

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All of our locations offer this test, no appointment is needed. However, we recommend that you check our locations page and schedule through our SOLV system to save time and allow for you to wait where you want.

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This test requires a blood draw from the arm to detect for COVID-19 IgG antibodies. Although it may take up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms for antibodies to develop, 91% of people develop antibodies within 8-13 days. Some people infected with COVID-19 will never exhibit symptoms but will have a detectable antibody response.

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Most results come back from the lab within 3 days of your blood draw. In some cases, due to increased demand, turnaround times may be longer. It may also take up to 3 days for your results to display in your patient portal.

You will receive a phone call from our staff with your results when they return from the lab.


f you received a test in one of our centers you’ll have spoken with a provider on any necessary treatment, and will have received patient education on how to self-isolate. If you received a send-out test and are waiting for your test results, you must quarantine yourself at home and away from others. Please refer to for information on how to care for yourself at home and minimize exposure risks to family or friends

The CDC provides up-to-date guidance on isolation duration based on certain criteria, please refer to the links below for guidelines when considering these questions.

Duration of Isolation and Precautions for Adults with COVID-19

Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Discontinuation of Isolation for Patients with COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings

AppleCare has been actively preparing for the coronavirus pandemic since February, taking into consideration the effect it will have on our communities and world at-large. Strengthening our protocols and devising rapid-response contingency plans have been at the forefront, in addition to extra precautions taken around stringent disinfection and social distancing protocols.

All staff have been trained on the appropriate care for patients with flu-like symptoms and are wearing the proper personal protective apparel. Each of our locations have been equipped with appropriate tools to follow social-distancing protocols, such as masks at the sign-in/welcome desks, sanitizer and line-indicators on the floor spaced to fit the distancing guidelines. We also require all patients wear a face-covering at all times while in our centers, to help limit the risk of exposure to other patients or our staff. Additionally, non-essential guests of patients are limited in our centers at this time – this is to protect your guests, as well as other patients and staff.

We are following CDC and Georgia Public Health guidelines to limit the spread of the virus including how we isolate patients with symptoms and how we disinfect rooms and surfaces between patients.

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