Workers' Compensation

Why Choose Apple Care for Workers' Compensation?

Compared to an average emergency trip, AppleCare often costs 80% less. On average, employers will save $1,875 per incident when they choose to send injured employees to AppleCare for Workman's Compensation injuries. We are perfectly positioned to support employees recovering from their injuries and help control expenses for employers.

Employer Benefits

  • Single point of contact for workers' compensation events and claims
  • Providers notes, return to work forms and claim reports communicated directly to employer
  • Expedited care to help employees return to work sooner
  • Direct billing to the designated insurance carrier, TPA or employer
  • In-house pharmacy provides a huge opportunity for cost savings
  • Multiple locations for care
  • Convenient hours for scheduling flexibility
  • Streamlined check-in process
  • Fast, convenient care
  • Committed to getting employees back to work safely

How to Get Started Today

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AppleCare is a participating network provider for eScreen. We are also a member of DATIA and NAOHP

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